Stay Young As You Age



A symbol of glamour, grandeur and beauty, diamonds have always been women's best friend. But they also have the ability to bring to light the beauty that was gradually hidden over the years.

The new, premium line DIAMOND Velvet combines Prestige, quality and efficiency and offers enhanced anti-ageing care for mature or severely damaged skin.

The line, with the central message of Stay Young As You Age, is based on the mechanisms of Epigenetics and the "Needle-Free" Skin Refining Technology to offer total skin restoration, without cosmetic surgery. 

At the "heart" of the composition of DIAMOND Velvet products are natural diamond crystals for cell renewal and restoration of natural shine. The line consists of the following products:

  • Diamond Velvet Moisturizing Cream: Enhanced active and passive moisturizing cream to increase elasticity, strengthen anti-ageing mechanisms and protection from particulate, environmental pollutants.
  • Diamond Velvet Anti–Wrinkle Cream: Strong anti-ageing cream for immediate tightening, elasticity, increase density and rapid reduction of wrinkles.
  • Diamond Wrinkle Fighter: Special wrinkle reduction treatment with a micro-diffusion device (roller) of 225 micro-heads made of special stainless steel with simultaneous outflow of reinforced anti-wrinkle serum to maximize the absorption of the active ingredients.

With a unique velvety feeling that lasts, thanks to Diamond Velvet Technology, it meets the needs of mature skin and offers a matte effect, making the skin radiant glow and freshness. 

The Diamond Velvet line is available in pharmacies and online at from the company M.S. Iakovidis, a member of the MSJ Group.

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